New Orleans Blues

New Orleans Blues

New Orleans Blues


Take a musical, historical and gastronomic journey this summer to the heart of this vibrant city!

What’s in store for you with NEW ORLEANS BLUES? Music, music, and then even more music. Immersive images of New Orleans’ French Quarter, where the party atmosphere is non-stop. And a delicious Cajun menu!

A true lover of Louisiana and its music, Normand Brathwaite is helming the direction and musical design of NEW ORLEANS BLUES. With images being used expressly for this production, you’ll enjoy an immersive experience thanks to 360-degree screens which will transport you directly to the heart of Bourbon Street in the French Quarter: The vibrant district where music history comes to life at the crossroads of jazz, Cajun, bluegrass, funk, gospel…

“New Orleans is where the world decided the party takes place, and NEW ORLEANS BLUES will be an experience for all the senses. A dozen extraordinary artists, singers and musicians are being brought together, all in Mardi Gras’ carnival atmosphere!”

Renowned chef Paul Toussaint (Kamúy, Time Out Market, Agrikol, Toqué!) – recognized for his festive and hearty Caribbean cuisine as well as his daring use of flavours – created the menu for this unique evening, an evening produced by Jean Pilot for LCQ Productions (Elvis Story,
Elvis Experience, Génération Motown and Les Misérables).

“Its richness, its culture and, of course, its food: New Orleans is my dream city! It’s a party city, it’s a city of love, and it also boasts a great culinary scene where on any street corner you can enjoy a can’t-be-beat jambalaya or gumbo, and where the best fried chicken on the planet is dished up in a convenience store! I go there at least twice a year to cook with friends and discover the essence of this cuisine that I’m so anxious to introduce to Quebecers!”

“I wanted to produce a show celebrating the music of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Back then I owned the Capitol Theater and I dreamt of bringing together musicians and artists from Bourbon Street on stage following that disaster. Today, that dream has finally become reality. I have entrusted its development to Normand, a man whose musical experience, passion and terrific work on Belle et Bum I admire.”

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Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and the meal is served from 6 p.m.

5 juin au 1er septembre 2024Studio-CabaretShow at 8:30 pmTickets