Acoustic Saloon
Michel Pagliaro

Michel Pagliaro

Acoustic Saloon

It is in an intimate and festive atmosphere that Michel Pagliaro presents “Acoustic Saloon”, a show that brings together his greatest hits, both in English and in French, for a guaranteed memorable evening. Powered by his unique voice, these timeless rock anthems will undoubtedly delight spectators. An evening with Michel Pagliaro, where the past and the present become one.

Crédit photo : Stephend


Author, composer, performer and recipient of countless prestigious awards and whose authenticity is recognized by his peers, Michel Pagliaro has always been on the lookout for exceptional musicians who have accompanied him since the very beginning of his career.
It was in 1966 that Michel made his debut in recording studios where he discovered a passion for sound recording and production techniques. Motivated by the creative energy that inhabits him, he composed, wrote, and recorded a multitude of musical hits that have become timeless and ever-present in the hearts and minds of both French-speaking and English-speaking audiences. While continuing to deliver stage performances filled with the energy and enthusiasm for which he is renowned, Michel Pagliaro has also participated in numerous artistic projects on both sides of the Atlantic, whether as a musician, arranger, director, and/or engineer.
As he himself says so well, “Music must be experienced, played, felt!” It’s not just a bunch of notes but rather a series of sounds and rhythms that bring an idea to life. »
Friday, May 24th 2024Studio-Cabaret7:30 pmTickets
Saturday, May 25th 2024Studio-Cabaret8:30 pmTickets