an event

With these new facilities and possibilities, the Espace St-Denis team can now offer you all the support you need to organize and carry out your event. Whether at the corporate, philanthropic or personal level, it is now possible for you to choose the options that suit you for the realization of your project.


  • A conference in the Studio-Cabaret with broadcast in a closed room on YouTube for your representatives outside the country
  • Training for your employees or a mini-conference
  • A fashion show with a cocktail
  • A product unveiling with a superb party or a happy hour with cocktail dinner
  • A press conference with live broadcast on your web platform
  • An exclusive evening for your clients including a meal
  • A fundraiser with a thematic evening
  • A conference lunch
  • Awards
  • And why not, a wedding

The different places allow a mobility of activities. You could, for example, organize a press conference in the Marie-Louise before heading to make an official launch in the Studio-Cabaret and end the whole thing in the VIP with some of your most important clients.

The following services are offered and the ESD can support, at your request, the following aspects of your event:

  • The artistic content (artists, musicians, DJs, etc.)
  • Technical content (sound, lighting, video and virtual environment)
  • Broadcasting and video (4K) and sound recording
  • Food services (food and alcohol) required
  • The decor and atmosphere emphasizing your presence in the ESD
  • The security
  • All the logistics of the day
  • Etc.

For more information, you can contact : [email protected]