Angélique Duruisseau

Piaf, un second souffle

The same intensity, the sorrow in the throat and overflowing love, the voice that swells and makes you shiver with happiness, because despite everything, life is beautiful!

60 years after leaving this world, the love that Piaf managed to convey to us is still unwavering! And even after 750 performances of this tribute, the audience still wants more!

With immense joy, Angélique reinterprets for you this subtle and direct repertoire, in the language of the streets, which comes from the heart, or rather from the gut, this time at the brand new bar-terrace Le Marie-Louise in Espace St-Denis. She will, of course, be accompanied by her faithful and spectacular pianist Marc-André Cuierrier.

Le Marie-Louise offers intimate performances, with the audience even having the opportunity to sit close to the artists, right by the piano. But of course, these seats are limited! With the cabaret formula, you can order food and drinks before, during, or after the show, for a complete evening. Discover the menu of the terrace bar Le Marie-Louise by clicking here.

In memory of a little woman with extraordinary emotional richness, who piaffed until her last breath!


Saturday, September 30th 2023Le Marie-Louise20h30Tickets