Lasting Impressions
Experience in 3D

Lasting Impressions


Lasting Impressions Espace St-Denis – THE UNIQUE EXPERIENCE IN 3D invite you to move into and through the canvas, thus fully inhabiting the worlds crafted by the impressionist masters.

“Lasting Impressions lives up to its title”
“In search of some serenity now as well as some of the most magnificent artwork ever committed to canvas? Well, the latest immersive art exhibition to hit town, Lasting Impressions, (…) lives up to its title. And in 3D to boot. The show’s French title, La Magie des Impressionnistes, is an equally fitting overview of the eye candy on display.

…in terms of escaping winter doldrums here, there’s little to beat this foray into the work of the world’s most iconic Impressionists. As an added incentive, patrons can quaff wine and nibble on charcuteries and cheese while catching the spectacle.

The audience is (…) surrounded by more than 100 larger-than-life paintings that will last in the minds of awestruck spectators for months to come — or until we can actually scope water lilies and lie under starry skies in the flesh again.”
– Bill Brownstein / Montreal Gazette

“Emotional experience”
“We were both taken on an emotional ride though familiar settings and landscapes. The colours were splendid. And the music was perfect. In the beginning, as we soared over Paris, it made me cry a little. Art is so powerful that it can make you feel nostalgic about a time that you weren’t even part of – Lasting Impressions did that to perfection. We thank you for this emotional experience. I’ve been telling all my friends to go.”
– Nicolas Doyon / EMSB
Educational consultant for arts education & culture in schools

“Using 3D Motion Sculpting technology, brushstrokes by Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh and other Impressionist artists now digitally spring to life. The effect is breathtaking”
– Richard Burnett / Tourisme Montréal 

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Lasting Impressions Espace St-Denis

June 1 to 30, 2023Studio-CabaretSee CalendarTickets