Irish Celtic

Irish Celtic

Spirit of Ireland

Into the heart of Irish legends. Dance, Songs and Live Music.

After presenting Spirit of Ireland to more than a million spectators around the world, this show will be in Montreal from February 1 to 4, 2024.

This grandiose show, acclaimed in 11 countries including France, Germany, Russia, and China, features the best 14 dancers and musicians from the most prestigious Irish companies who become true ambassadors of this culture on stage.

Postcard of Ireland with the melancholic sounds of the bagpipes, the melodic tones of the guitar and the accordion, the soft oscillation of the piano or the wild melodies of the Irish fiddle, you can literally hear the heart of Ireland beating! The dancers electrify the audience with their dizzying dynamism and the rhythmic force of the sound of explosive tap dancing; we literally enter the whirlwind of this show!

This show features colorful costumes amplified by customized lighting that creates a unique experience. This show is aimed at a wide audience and is a feast for the senses.

Presented exceptionally in Montreal, discovering Irish Celtic is an opportunity to hear the songs, legends, traditions, and dances of a culture as rich as it is ancient!

Thursday, February 1st 2024Théâtre St-Denis7 p.m.Tickets
Friday, February 2nd 2024Théâtre St-Denis7 p.m.Tickets
Saturday, February 3rd 2024Théâtre St-Denis1:30 p.m.Tickets
Saturday, February 3rd 2024Théâtre St-Denis4:30 p.m.Tickets
Sunday, February 4th 2024Théâtre St-Denis1:30 p.m.Tickets