High Voltage

High Voltage

Célébrations du 50e anniversaire

High Voltage Espace St-Denis

Over the last 50 years, AC/DC have defined the sound of rock & roll. With the 50th Anniversary Celebrations show, this is what HIGH VOLTAGE offers you !

This intensity, the sound and the attitude, from the wall of Marshall amps to the canons, without forgetting their hellish rhythms, frenzied guitars, costumes and legendary instruments, iconic bell and above all, that unmistakable voice ! It’s a show full of energy not to be missed!

Since its very beginnings, HIGH VOLTAGE has traveled the regions of Quebec, Canada and the eastern United States, to share the intensity and originality of AC/DC with one goal in mind: to pay tribute as faithfully as possible to this legendary group, while providing a wild and highenergy
evening for spectators! The group delivers an intense, professional and wild show that will make your evening memorable!

Come celebrate with us the music of these rock legends!

Friday, October 13th 2023Studio-Cabaret20hTickets